Cooperate with Alibaba to launch liquid-cooled cloud center! Industrial Fii AR smart glasses can not only guide the Forbidden City, but also fire and disaster relief

FII has joined hands with Alibaba and 3M to publish a data center liquid cooling solution. It hopes to help data centers across China to improve energy consumption, accelerate the slow decline of carbon emissions after reaching the peak in 2030, and the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.

Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. held a forum for the 3rd anniversary of listing, and released 5G private network solutions, edge computing, and immersed liquid-cooled data centers on the 24th with the theme of “Digital Innovation and Cross-Border Integration-New Patterns Leading New Development” , Digital Energy Smart Control System, MIH Alliance, New Energy Vehicles and AR Glasses 7 major solutions,

Hongmeng Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Fortune Industrial, pointed out that Fortune Industrial is committed to the development of basic technology in the digital economy. Under the wave of global digital transformation, it focuses on 5 key areas, including: (1) 5G + next-generation network Technology application. (2) Construction and service of industrial Internet platform. (3) Solutions for green data centers. (4) Artificial intelligence, robotics and related applications of high-performance computing. (5) The development of technologies and products related to new energy vehicles.

Alibaba Hangzhou Cloud Data adopts liquid cooling to achieve mass production strength​

Among them, the liquid cooling solution has been introduced into the Alibaba data center and has attracted attention. Zheng Hongmeng pointed out that in response to the global demand for green data centers, Fulian has also invested in energy-saving titanium power modules and advanced cooling systems. The next few quarters will be deployed to cloud service providers’ green data centers.

FII released liquid-cooled data center solutions and smart energy control systems to help China achieve its goal of carbon neutrality.

Zhong Yangfan, a senior technical expert on Alibaba’s infrastructure, pointed out that the rise of high-density computing has brought about a substantial increase in the energy consumption of hardware equipment. Traditional solutions that rely on fans for heat dissipation have been unable to meet the increasing demand for computing power in data centers. Liquid cooling technology has begun to be favored by the industry. Immersion cooling is the use of insulating liquid to take away the heat generated during the work of servers and IT equipment.

Zhong Yangfan pointed out that the comparison of liquid cooling technology with air cooling technology is a revolutionary change. What will change is not only the way of heat dissipation, but the ecology of the entire data center, such as the design of IT equipment and the design of the entire data center. In 2015, Fulian Industrial and Alibaba jointly invested in the development of immersion liquid cooling products. The server was directly bathed with coolant to protect the low-temperature operation of electronic components. It not only eliminated the hardware products’ influence on fans, radiators and computer room air conditioners. Dependency, and increase the computing power of the system while reducing the overall energy consumption.

He emphasized that the data shows that the liquid cooling solution also effectively reduces the failure rate of hardware products caused by air, dust and vibration, and greatly improves the service life of the server.

Microsoft's liquid-cooled data center.

3M liquid cooling technology expert Lan Bin said that the current difficulty is that a large amount of chemical and material expertise is required in the technical verification process, which may make it difficult for current IT developers to decide. Choosing a suitable immersion liquid is not only to find an insulating liquid formula, but also to comprehensively evaluate the quality control, supply, and application support capabilities of the manufacturer. 3M has the ability to provide full life cycle management and support for fluorinated fluids.

Target 2060 carbon neutral, China Data Center promotes liquid cooling

Zhong Yangfan added that the energy saving and carbon reduction advantages of data centers brought about by immersion cooling technology are very obvious. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2020, the average PUE of large data centers in use in China is 1.55. And the data center as a whole is completely integrated with an innovative architecture, using immersion liquid cooling as the future cloud computing data center industry model, without relying on traditional fans and air-conditioning components, to achieve the average annual energy efficiency of the data center including electrical loss PUE not higher than 1.09, and at the same time , IT equipment itself can save 10% of energy consumption, which can become a low-carbon transformation plan for the data center industry.

He predicts that if it is promoted throughout China, it can save hundreds of billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity and nearly 100 million tons of carbon emissions each year. This will support the new national dual-carbon strategy: strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. , Has a very important meaning.

The AR smart glasses developed by Leapsy can be used as factory maintenance guidance or newcomer training.

At present, the liquid cooling solution cooperating with Alibaba has been able to be deployed in large quantities, and the circuit design combining technology research and development and production application has been completed. In order to promote the immersion cooling technology, the industry has also joined the official ODCC (Open Data Center Committee). ) The industry alliance should join Alibaba to promote the product experience and technical specifications of immersion liquid cooling to the market.

AR glasses are used for disaster relief medical treatment and navigation

In terms of industrial augmented reality applications, Fulian continues to research applications in industry, security, education, entertainment, and medical care. It is optimistic that AR applications will increase by 20 times from 2020 to 2024. It also invests in the development of “Yubo Advanced” Variety of AR glasses products.

The XR-ONE all-in-one machine developed for industrial applications was displayed on the forum, which can be used for employee training, equipment maintenance, quality monitoring, logistics control and other aspects.

XR-ONE can also be used to move in scenic spots, built-in GPS positioning function, can directly guide reference lines, load audio-visual interactive navigation technology, provide immersive and effective experience for tourism, and create smart cultural tourism. At present, Yubo has cooperated with Manufacturers signed cooperation agreements with dozens of large scenic spots, such as the Forbidden City.

Leapsy advanced AR glasses are used for scenic spot guides and telemedicine, and there are even special versions for fire fighting.

In addition, Leapsy also launched the S2C split machine for medical use to assist doctors in remote consultations and remote surgical guidance through the expert system.

FH-ONE applies the latest indoor positioning and tracking technology combined with augmented reality technology to achieve smart fire protection. When a disaster occurs, not only can you wear it into the fire scene, the commander can also know the geographical information of the disaster site in advance, and quickly complete the on-site disaster relief human resources. , Which greatly increases the efficiency of rescue teams and guarantees the safety of all personnel.

Leapsy Advanced has cooperated with South Korea’s KT Telecom in AR glasses and 5G applications. This is an expert service system that uses AR remote distance to assist frontline personnel in the repair process, integrates visualization data into AR glasses, and can see the 3D content on the spot, which is convenient Personnel maintenance; when encountering special conditions, the first-view images can be transmitted instantly, allowing remote experts to solve problems faster; stable and fast signal transmission, allowing technical guidance thousands of miles away, as if being on the scene, making accurate judgments .

The total spending on AR/VR-related products and services in the Chinese market in 2020 will account for more than half of the global market share (about 55%). The overall market size will reach about 6.6 billion US dollars by the end of this year, an increase of 72.1% over last year, ranking first in the world in terms of scale and growth.

Leapsy is a new venture established in 2016. It has signed cooperation with dozens of large-scale scenic spots, such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. 3D wisdom has been developed in cooperation with medical equipment vendors and medical education.

As the growth rate of enterprise application revenue (including hardware + software + services) in the next three years is relatively better than that of consumer revenue, AR has an annual growth rate of more than 50%, and it has also become the development direction of new ventures, and universities have also opened up Teaching related AR technology courses, the prospects are promising.

Leapsy said that the follow-up development will be in the direction of “AI modularization” to improve hardware performance, reduce power consumption, extend battery life, establish an AR service platform, and open secondary development software to enable more developers to apply App , Allowing users to enjoy more content and services.