CES Show – Taiwan startup team

This time, Yubo’s advanced augmented reality (AR) glasses are based on 3D human-machine interface manufacturer Ling Sen Technology (uSens) exhibiting AR products combined with Ling Sen’s natural gesture recognition at the exhibition hall. Wang Bowen, general manager of Yubo Advanced, said that virtual reality (VR) has to be positioned and cannot go outdoors, but AR can be worn outdoors. It is expected that AR will be more widely used. In addition to cooperating with Linggan, Yubo Advanced is also cooperating with e-commerce companies. You can wear AR glasses for shopping. In addition to product information, you can directly watch the product. At the same time, because people are in reality, they can know the changes in the surrounding environment; or add energy Thermal sensors that sense temperature can also be used in customs and port security checks. It is expected that with the launch of various new products, AR products on the market will greatly increase next year.

Fuber Biomedical Technology exhibited a wearable bone reconstruction robot at the scene, initially focusing on the reconstruction of the upper limbs of stroke patients, especially the fingers. Fuber pointed out that there are 1.5 million new stroke patients in the world every year, and Taiwan has 30,000 stroke patients between the ages of 40 and 60 each year. Because the reconstruction of the upper limbs is more difficult than the lower limbs, the reconstruction of the fingers is more difficult. Difficult, Fubo uses mirror therapy to train stroke patients with hands that have not had a stroke, and help stroked hands to reorganize their nervous system, which has a good reconstruction effect.

Cool Hand Technology also uses muscle signals to squeeze the trigger with gestures to squeeze the trigger in a shooting game. Wu Jigang, the founder of Kushou Technology, said that Kushou’s products are similar to the VR trackers launched by HTC’s hardware partners, except that this tracker has become a wearable device that is worn on the hand, and players can directly perform the actions in the game with their hands. action.

Kushou’s gesture control device unveiled at CES is used in virtual reality products such as HTC’s Vive. It can replace the tracker and directly operate with gestures.

Reporter He Peiru/Photography

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