Leapsy brings new AR headset to the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair

On October 18th, the world’s largest electronic product procurement exhibition-Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show opened in Hong Kong. This time, 3,700 booths of consumer electronics products, VR and game equipment, electronic components and smart life products will be exhibited on an unprecedented scale. Leapsy brought the new AR headset to the Hong Kong station of the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show and became the focus of the audience.

In this exhibition, Leapsy’s independent research and development products: MR 360+, MR S+. The uniqueness of these two headsets is that they are equipped with thermal imaging cameras, which can visualize the heat source body, detect and report specific heat information in real time, and effectively improve and manage energy consumption and other functions.

Leapsy’s headsets all use American industrial-grade thermal imaging modules, which support multiple interactions such as voice, gesture, and button control. The self-developed ultra-clear prism solution achieves a 45-degree ultra-large field of view and a wide field of view. The product design is ergonomic and comfortable to wear.